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Introducing FBA Automation

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The one thing most people hate about the Internet is that it’s full of get-rich-quick schemes. There is so much written online on obscure websites, with the tag-lines of HIGH GROWTH and AMAZING RETURNS plastered all over the website. These websites advertise suspicious companies and are filled with weird diagrams, complicated language and bad acronyms. Everybody has seen a site like this before.

There’s a reason there are so many websites looking to scam someone out of one’s hard-earned money. That’s because there’s so many people falling for it. After all, getting rich quick is something all of us have thought of, and more importantly, we’re always looking out for ways to do it. Smart investors are not only on the lookout for deals which will pay out in the long term. They also want simple investment opportunities which make them a quick profit.

This is where FBA Automation comes in. An easy way to invest and earn five figures every month, without having to do anything!

A unique service offered by Amazon FBA experts, Wolf Automation, FBA Automation lets you run your very own Amazon-approved business, except you don’t have to do any of the work! While you put your legs up and relax, or focus your energies on something else, you’re assured of that check coming into your account at the end of every month. You don’t even need to create a new product to sell! And all of this, while being legally compliant and being associated with Amazon!

Oh wait! How is this possible? Starting an online business is not easy. It requires a lot of time, effort and patience. You also need to constantly keep a check on the little things: What price do you sell products at? How do you make your product stand out? How do you manage your product listing on Amazon? Eventually, all of these tiny things begin to add up, and suddenly you’re not only strapped for time, you’re also stressed and anxious all the time. Wolf Automation’s unique investment opportunity helps you avoid all of this and more!

Let’s begin by taking a look at the first part:

What is Amazon FBA?

There are two ways to sell and ship anything on Amazon:

  • Sell your products and ship them yourself

  • Sell your products and send them to Amazon who will store and ship them for you (Amazon FBA)

FBA stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon”, a label you would have seen on certain products while shopping online. FBA essentially refers to a process where Amazon buys products from manufacturers to then store it in Amazon warehouses. These products can then be quickly shipped out whenever Amazon receives orders for these products. It’s the magic behind Amazon Prime and how you receive your order the day after ordering it.

FBA Automation on the other hand, requires you to wholesale distribute genuine products and then sell them on the Amazon website. Through FBA Automation you can easily access a profitable way of selling different products on the world’s #1 online retailer. And the best part is, anyone can do it.

Creating an account with Amazon and then setting it up takes no time. But the main problem comes in when you get to the next steps. You’ll not only need to find product manufacturers who would sell you these products, you’ll also need to get it at a lower price. You’ll need to set up and constantly manage the different product listings on the Amazon page. You’ll need to label your products and oversee the entire shipping process to the Amazon warehouses. And let’s not forget the most important bit: Which products you’ll purchase and sell! More questions to answer and yet more uncertainty. I can hear you asking, “Where does the easy part come in?”

What is FBA Automation?

Luckily, Amazon FBA experts, Wolf Automation have a legal (and Amazon approved!) way to automate the entire process. You don’t need to deal with the questions or the uncertainty and stress that accompanies a new business anymore! Wolf Automation uses a dedicated team and software, specially designed for you to make the highest profits. So that you can sit back and relax, while you let the business run itself.

Wolf Automation’s proprietary software and team automates and helps you:

  • Find the latest trending products for you to make the biggest profit

  • Purchase those products

  • Manage your product listings on Amazon

  • Send products to the Amazon warehouse

  • Rake in the profits every month!

It’s important to remember FBA Automation is not the same as drop shipping, which is illegal and against Amazon policies. Drop shipping requires you to be a third-party to the retailer and requires you to ship out the product. On the other hand, FBA Automation is fully compliant with Amazon policies and only recommends that you distribute genuine products on a wholesale basis.

Why invest in FBA Automation?

By investing your hard-earned money with Wolf Automation, you have the opportunity to enjoy all of the freedom of running a successful business but with none of the stress and uncertainty. Imagine buying a fully automated business-in-a-box, which provides you with:

  • The Simplest Way to run your own business

Run your business with none of the hassles of running a business! Let the experts take over while you sit back and watch your investment grow!

  • Valuable monthly source of Passive Income

Stop working from check-to-check and make your money work for you! Having made your investment, just let Wolf Automation’s proprietary automated processes take over while you wait for your check every month!

  • Business asset for you to diversify your Investment Portfolio

Events like the coronavirus have shown how volatile the markets can be, resulting in investors losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. A diversified investment portfolio is the sign of a smart investor, and investing with Wolf Automation gives you an easy way to grow your portfolio.

  • Access to Amazon Prime customers

Through the FBA-guarantee, you now have unique access to thousands of Amazon Prime customers, allowing you to further increase your sales!

  • Fast Returns and Growth

Like all investments, investing with Wolf Automation is subject to market risks.

But that doesn’t stop most of their FBA-Automation clients from hitting six figure monthly revenues within one year and have the potential to grow it even more. The proprietary automation process ensures that you always pick the best products for the quickest returns.

  • Amazon-approved Techniques to grow along with the world’s #1 online retailer

Amazon FBA is 100% legal and approved by Amazon. Try not to confuse it with drop shipping, which is absolutely illegal and against Amazon’s policies. Wolf Automation does not recommend drop shipping at any point and only recommends the FBA model, which involves wholesale distribution of genuine products.

Should I invest in FBA Automation?

Investing in FBA Automation is as easy as running an FBA automated business! All you need to do is make a one time investment and after that...Well..that’s it! No strings attached! FBA Automation experts such as Wolf Automation recommend a minimum investment of $65K for you to achieve quicker returns. But, at the same time, with smart easy investments such as these, the more you invest, the higher your returns! So you not only make your money back, but make some more as well!

Just like any other high-return investment, investing in FBA Automation is subject to market risks. But at the same time it buys you something that money can’t buy: the freedom and simplicity of running a profitable business.

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